VRILDOM (arg) ”Purificatio” CD (BOP080) 

The third VRILDOM album.
Mysterious and proud Black Metal from the depths of Southern Thule.

NECRO RITUS (fin) ”Fiery Necromancy” MCD (BOP081) 

Necromantical Black Metal of Death.
NECRO RITUS is the creation of Behemoth, the oldest ghoul from
the notorious Hamina scene.

TYPHONIAN CRYPT (fin) ”Abyssic Winds Howl” MCD

Finnish satanic Black Metal. Hypnotic raw darkness from the depths.

First EP self released by the band, officially distributed by BOP, distros get in touch for wholesale and possible trades.

FERAL HOWL (nor) ”Worshipper” (BOP079) CD

Wrathful dark heathen Black Metal.

After ”Atavistic Meditations” EP release, Breath of Pestilence present
the debut album of FERAL HOWL.

"Carried upon the northern winds,the essence of wrathful gods."

Full album stream


Bestial Black Metal darkness.

RESURGENCE (fin) ”Graves of The Eclipse - Blood of The Zenith” CD

Victorious Finnish Black Metal and somber pagan ambient.
Includes both Resurgence demos.

Officially distributed by BOP, distros get in touch for wholesale and possible trades.
Official full album stream

ASKE (fin) ”Goatfuck/Saatan Legio” (BOP055) CD digipak

CD-versionof the ASKE demo compilation BOP released in 2020.

Same superior mastering as on the vinyl version, done by Harald Mentor.


BOP is proud to present the 12th issue of PSICOTERROR magazine. Being one of the oldest, still active, pure underground zines PSICOTERROR offers nothing but high-quality interviews and articles. This time featuring: Akhlys, Avaris, Editorial Manus Sinistra, Funeral Oration, Hellflame Mag, Ignis Gehenna, Medieval Demon, Mefisto, Morke, Orthodoxy, Theriomorph, Tyrannic and Vrildom.

“A Pact of Steel from North to South”  Split CD (BOP078) 

Two prominent hordes under the B.O.P banner unite on an iron
march towards the new dawn.


Malicious and sepulchral Black Metal imprecations.

NEXUS O:N:G (fin/nor/ger) "Todesschwerter" cassette EP  (BOP074)

Breath of Pestilence proudly presents the debut release from this ill willed northern collective. The orchestra calls forth a peculiar and ferociously intense chaos where blood-thirsty raw Black Metal and old military marching music are captivately conjoined, channelled into five apocalyptic hymns.18 minutes of filthy and decadent, yet proud and glorious Black Metal onslaught.
Limited edition tape with screenprinted covers.

"DasZeitalter der Mythen der Zukunft ist jetzt

Wennder Sturm uns als seine Söhne grüßt!"


FERAL HOWL (nor) "Atavistic Meditations" digipak MCD BOP075)

Dark Heathen Black Metal, conceptually tapping into the more sinister European pagan tradition.

Compact Disc version of Feral Howl's debut EP, includes a new additional track that was not featured on the cassette edition. Comes on 6-panel digipak.

Debut album coming during 2023 via BREATH OF PESTILENCE.


SAMMAS’ EQUINOX (fin) “Maailmantaonta” digipak MCD (BOP072)

With this new EP SAMMAS' EQUINOX is not straying far from the path, they have set on since their formation. “Maailmantaonta” introduces slightly more meditative and somewhat more “progressive” elements, but the songs from SAMMAS' EQUINOX forge remain fiery and crackling, growing only darker and rawer.

Comes in 6-panel digipak.


AVARIS (gre) “The Doctrine of Awakening” digipak CD/LP (BOP073)

Breath of Pestilence in proud to presents the debut album of Avaris. Hellenic Black Metal in the true sense of the word. "The Doctrine of Awakening" is heroic and mighty, steeped in mysteries and traditionalism. A creation drenched in blood and philosophy, forged in the glory of ancient battles.

CD-version comes in 8-panel digipak with 16-page booklet.

Vinyl on gatefold sleeve, black vinyl and 12-page A5 booklet.


AVARIS (gre) “Hyperborean Chronicles” promo tape 2022

Hellenic mystic Black Metal.
First glimpse of what will be the AVARIS debut album coming later this year through BOP. These tracks are not final album versions, Intro and Outro are exclusive for this promotional cassette. Handnumbered limited pressing.


AKOLYYTTI (fin) s/t CD (BOP069)

Breath of Pestilence is proud to release the debut album of Finnish Akolyytti.

8 ceremonial hymns of mystic and sinister Black Metal, to invoke the spirits and Gods of Darkness and the True Light.


CD available now. Vinyl comes at a later point.

AKOLYYTTI (fin) "Transcendence - The Beast Within" MCD (BOP070)

Limited CD version of the 7" EP. Grim and majestic Black Metal.

KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “The Eternal Return” CD (BOP071)

Having released couple of EP releases since "Triumph of the Will" album, Kvasir's Blood finally returns with their 3rd full-length. Continuing on their path to glory and final victory, Kvasir Ravenwing and Pogrom SS hammer forth a new strong album of triumphant Vinlandic Black Metal.

Worlds of men crumple and eventually turn to dust, but strong ideals will never die and will always remain.


CD available now. Vinyl comes at a later point.

VRILDOM (AR) “Sigma Octantis” CD digipak & LP (BOP067)

Mysterious Black Metal storming forth from the dismal nights of Southern Thule. The second full-length album of Vrildom consists of eight austral hymns steeped in tragedy, yet ultimately being heroic and triumphant. This is Vrildom’s undying quest for the secrets that dwell beneath the eternal ice, beyond the galaxies and beyond the one distant star…

Compact Disc comes in digipak with 12-page booklet.

Black vinyl. Comes on gatefold sleeve with double sided large insert.


KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “The Golden Thread” MCD & MLP (BOP068)

New mini-album including 5 tracks of True Vinlandic Black Metal. Originally written, and also partially recorded, few months after “Triumph of the Will” album was finished but left unreleased until now. Finally completed in 2021 with vocal and bass tracks by Pogrom SS and I.E. Dyingnysus. As this recording is dominantly from the same era as “TOTW” album, you can expect a much rawer and brutal release than for example the previous “Phantoms of the Deepest Night” EP was.

Compact Disc comes in regular jewel case with 4-page booklet.

Vinyl comes with double sided A4 insert.


WODULF (gre) "Zerezat" MCD (BOP034)

True Necromantic Black Metal.
The 7" vinyl EP from 2016 re-issued on maxibox CD.

DRACONES (usa) “Son of the Devil” MCD (BOP061)

The gruesome winds carrying the agonizing screams from the forest of impaled. As subhuman flesh is writhing on the stakes the tyrant of Wallachia sits on his throne once more and the Dacian wolves of war revel in the stench of death. Raw Black Metal tyranny.


AKOLYYTTI (fin) “Origin – Igniting The Luciferian Flame” LP (BOP063)

Archaic and majestic Black Metal. Gathering both AKOLYYTTI demo releases “And from the Ashes I Rose” 2015 and “Torch of the Black Flame” 2016.

Black vinyl, double sided A4 insert.


RESISTENCIA 88 (bra) “A Nova Ordem” (demo '97) MCD (BOP064)

Black Metal Barbarism from the Southern lands. Classic 1997 demo from the project that would become COMMAND. Reissued on maxibox CD with the original layout and newly remastered audio that improves the overall clarity without detracting from the savagery of the original recording.

VRILDOM (AR) “Thus Spoke the Austral Wind…” LP (BOP059)

Not a new album but a compilation including 9 tracks in total from split releases with Além-Homem, Svetovid and a Forest cover “As a Shade Above This Land”. Furious Black Metal storm from Neuschwabenland.

Black vinyl with large double sided insert. Remastered for vinyl by Harald Mentor.


SAMMAS’ EQUINOX (fin) “Tulikehrät” CD digipak (BOP060)

Breath of Pestilence is proud to present the CD-version of SAMMAS’ EQUINOX debut album. After 2 demo tapes and a split 7”EP with their countrymen EMANATING VOID the band has refined their art into a monolith of their own. Raw Finnish Black Metal that is truly not devoid of somber melodies and grimly majestic atmosphere, filled with mysticism and the ever-strong grip of the still vivid traditions from the past.
Of Fire and Will!

Comes on 4-panel digipak with 8 page booklet.


KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “Phantoms of the Deepest Night” MCD digipak (BOP057)

“Phantoms of the Deepest Night” EP shows a different face of Kvasir Ravenwing’s creation, being more desolate and dismal, even deeply melancholic. Where “Triumph of the Will” was a violently rapid burst of aggression and hate the two songs (with playing time over 16 min) on this EP venture on far more epic nocturnal trails. Yet it is still unquestionably true Vinlandic Black Metal, filled with bitterness and contempt for this decaying world. “Phantoms of the Deepest Night” also introduces two new members to Kvasir’s Blood ranks, Pogrom SS on vocals and Vautrin on bass.
Released on 6-panel digipak.

DYSANGELIUM (fin) s/t 2CD (BOP058)

Formed in 1995 by Shadow of Vornat, it’s justified to say that Dysangelium was the first pure Nazi Black Metal band to emerge from Finland. During the years passed Dysangelium has grown into almost mythical proportions as only a handful of people have ever had the chance to hear the actual recordings. Now fully approved by Shadow, Breath of Pestilence is proud to present a double-CD compilation gathering all recorded material, 14 tracks with playing time spanning over 90 minutes. Included here are two demo tapes, first one from 1995 and the second from 1997. There are two version of demo 1997 and both of them can be found on this release, second version also includes an unnamed bonus track. And last a professional studio recording from 2001 consisting of four songs that have never been released before. The songs of Dysangelium are rough, aggressive and proud with hateful lyrics to match the violent tunes, like an iron fist in your face! Sound and lay-out on this release remains very faithful to the original demos.

KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “Triumph of the Will” CD (BOP052)

Jewelcase repress.
Kvasir’s Blood unleashes its second full-length. Everything executed solely by Kvasir Ravenwing to fully embody his vision and Weltanschauung, without a doubt "Triumph of the Will" is his harshest and most fierce output yet. Raging Vinlandic Black Metal as thunderous hail to the Gods of old.


The 11th issue of one of the last few true underground publications is out now!
48/A4 pages featuring in-depth interviews with: Amestigon, Arktogäa, Breath of Pestilence, Chants du Hasard, Ghost Kommando/Todeszone, Leidungr, Maze of Terror, MMP Temple, Old Tower, Ordinance, Sanquinary Misanthropia, Spearhead, Wampyrinacht, Warfire, Widdershins Mag and Zazen Sounds.

Published and distributed by BREATH OF PESTILENCE.

RAVENBANNER (gre) “…And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" CD digipak & LP(BOP051)

Hateful Hellenic Black Metal war is now made available again on digipak CD/LP formats with improved layout. Original recording has been remastered making the whole sound more powerful and fierce without sacrificing any of its rawness.

Released in cooperation with Out of the Dungeon.

Vinyl in regular LP-sleeve with a 4-page insert.
Digipak CD with 12-page bookelt.

HUNOK (hun) “Forgotten Honour” digipak CD (BOP049)

Nine dismal hymns of nationalist Magyar pride from the past which is not forgotten.
Originally released as a demo cassette in 2002 by Tanhu Records.
Now available in digipak CD with remastered sound and with three bonus tracks,
one of which was featured on the cd-r version of the demo and two are exclusive for this CD release.


PERVOGOAT (fin) s/t CD (BOP047)

Pervogoat was part of the old Kotka-scene from 1995 to 2002 together with Vornat and Insane Apollyon. Here compiled is the “Face of Death” demo from 1996, the “demo 2” from 1997 and three rehearsal tracks recorded in 2000 - 2001 before the death of Black Spell whose creation Pervogoat was. All material has been remastered for this release. Pure Nordic Black Metal.




Insane Apollyon was a rather unknown entity from the old Kotka-scene. Material collected on this CD was recorded solely by Insane Apollyon sometime between 1995 and 1997. This release contains four stabs of cruel and barbaric Black Metal, musically highly influenced by demo era Absurd and their infamous "Facta Loquuntur" debut album. Also included are two tracks of torturous dark ambient that were recorded by Insane Apollyon in an unknown period of time. The original and noisy recordings have been remastered giving them the proper sound and power they deserve. Over the course of years most of the song titles, demo covers and such have been lost, thus a short biography of Insane Apollyon was made and included here by interviewing few persons who knew the man personally.


VORNAT (fin) s/t CD (BOP036)

Second pressing now available. This time printed on glossy paper otherwise music and lay-out identical to the first pressing. After being in the works for years Breath of Pestilence is extremely proud to finally present this CD release compiling the following Vornat material: “The Flame of Satan” demo from 1994, “Gjotnejm” demo from 1996 and the never before fully released Promo2002. All material has been remastered for this release. True Finnish Black Metal. Comes with a 16-page booklet containing photos and lyrics including two originally handwritten lyrics by the old Vornat vocalist Insane Apollyon/Ahriman (r.i.p).




ARKTOGÄA (ita) "Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs" CD (BOP042)

The era of spiritual Black Death is upon us.
After a strong debut demo titled “Blood for Wotan” Breath of Pestilence unleashes the first full-lenght album of Arktogäa. Hyperborean Black Metal in which martial industrial passages and even echoes of RAC are also present. Nearly 75 minutes of proud Aryan music.

Regular jewel case CD with 16 page booklet.

WARFIRE (fra) “Heralds of Eternal Order” CD (BOP041)

Supremacist war Death Metal with neckbreaking riffs.

CD limited to 300 copies

DEVILRY (fin) "Stormbolt" 10" MLP (BOP020)

The merciless warmachine attacks again. Six new tracks of militant Death Metal ferocity.

Limited to 500 copies and includes an insert for lyrics.

Stormbolt will strike you down!

WODULF (gre) "Wargus Esto" LP (BOP044)

Repress on white vinyl.
Grim lycanthropic Black Metal. Mastered for this vinyl pressing, still retaining the rawness of the initial recording but with more powerful sound.
Also includes "Azulfethnar" track from The Night and the Fog part 2.

Regular LP-sleeve, double sided 12” insert and a A4 size lyric insert.
NOTE: Lyric insert also available separately for those owning a copy of first pressing IF it can be shipped with your order.

CD-version sold out!

WODULF (gre) "...from the Corpsegates" LP (BOP045)

Vinyl repress on blood red vinyl. True necromantic Black Metal.
The original recording has been mastered for this vinyl pressing making the whole album sound more fierce and closer to what the band originally intended.

Regular LP-sleeve and double sided 12” insert.
CD repress with remastered sound and slightly revisioned layout.

CD-version sold out!